Now also available in Switzerland: Two new perfectly blended HEALTH BOOSTS to optimize your Immune, Body and Brain Health! The Body Boost and the Brain Boost.

I spent the lockdown period in New Zealand last year thinking about an ‘all-in-one’ product to boost my immune health! Why?

Besides Enzogenol® Vital, which is my preferred antioxidant, I was taking several other vitamins, minerals and had been experimenting with superfood powders.

In the end, I had a handful of capsules, powders and pills to take in combination.

As I don’t like swallowing too many pills, I ended up grinding them, cutting up the capsules and basically making a horrible mess.

From this is where the idea of the Health Boosts was born. Dr Matt Frevel and I researched ingredients, tested and trialed them, to come up with an optimal Body and Brain Boost. Finally they are available in Switzerland!

A daily Boost is my new routine to ensure I get all the important nutrients my body needs - I invite you to join me!

Created for you, so you can be your best!

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Photo: Linda Schier (Exklusive Business Fotografie)