Macro and Micronutrients - Is it possible to get enough from a normal diet?

The Messages out there are Confusing

In the last few years, I have conducted a lot of research about the importance of nutrition and how it affects our health, and have come to realize that there are many different opinions about this topic.

One school of thought or opinion is that we can get all of the vitamins and minerals through a varied, balanced, preferably Mediterranean diet. The other is that we don’t get enough vitamins and minerals from our nutrition and that we need to supplement with vitamins and minerals.

Both sides have their own reasonable arguments . Therefore, to get a better grip on this topic and understand whether I get enough micronutrients through what I eat, I did … yes, you guessed it … some research on myself. I can say upfront: I was surprised at the results.

Describing my Dietary Habits

I will start with telling you a little about my dietary and lifestyle habits. First of all I eat meat and fish, but not every day. More often than not, I will, when I am out, choose the vegetarian or fish option. I love cheese and eat other dairy products, and eat a portion in some form, most days. I eat greens almost daily (love salads) and I eat several pieces of fruit. I need some carbohydrates every day, and eat these mostly in the form of bread or potatoes (occasionally pasta).

Besides a glass of unsweetened pomegranate juice, which I drink almost every day, I drink mostly water, but also 2-3 coffees (with coffee cream or oat milk) a day.

Then I take the Body Boost every day, either with water and my pomegranate juice, or as a shake (with a banana and milk / oat milk) as a meal replacement.

Once or twice a week I drink 2-3 glasses of wine. I don’t smoke (and never have), but am on medication (adjuvant hormonal therapy).

Researching my own Diet

For several weeks, I wrote down exactly what I ate and calculated the macro- and micronutrients I get through my diet on a daily basis.

What are my learnings from these few weeks if I, for the purpose of this research, take the supplements that I am taking (mostly the Body Boost) out of the equation?

  • Never ever did I reach my required Vitamin D levels through food alone. On days where there is no sunshine and I am not outside a lot, I would definitely not get enough Vitamin D.
  • On the days where I don’t eat fish, or nuts /especially walnuts), I never reached my Omega 3 and 6 needs.
  • On the days where I did not eat citrus fruit (mandarin or oranges) or a kiwifruit, I would not have reached the required Vitamin C levels.
  • Only every third day, did I reach the required levels of iron, magnesium, selenium and zinc from my food.
  • I only eat the recommended* 5 portions of fruit or vegetables a day, every second day. On average I eat 4 portions only.
  • Finally, and this was a real eye-opener, I realized that I as good as never reach the daily protein requirement … this was a big surprise for me, as I thought that as a meat eater, this should not be problem.

What have I learned?

I have learned that the Body Boost, which I take every day is PERFECT for me. It fills up almost all the micronutrient deficiencies in my diet as it contains vitamin B12, C and D, as well as iron, magnesium, copper, selenium and zinc

Furthermore, it contains blackcurrants, beetroot, kiwi, wheatgrass, barley grass and broccoli powder, all important to help me reach my 5 fruit and veggies a day.

This is not a total coincidence. When Dr Matt Frevel and I worked on the formulation of the Body Boost, we looked at what micronutrients are lacking in the average person’s diet. This piece of research merely confirms that ‘we got this right’.

 What will I change?

On the days that I don’t eat fish, I will eat a handful of walnuts  or I will make sure to have a BIG dollop of mayonnaise (yes, it has both Omega’s, but unfortunately also a lot of fat) or I will swap and take the Brain Boost (which contains plant-based Omegas).

Finally, to fill my protein gap, I will start adding protein powder to my daily Body Boost shake.

One further reason that speaks for the Body Boost!

A recent study concluded the importance of the quality of ingredients that are used in nutritional supplements. This I can vouch for. Our products are all plant-derived and sourced from organic producers in New Zealand.